New to Canada? Protect the future of your loved ones

​This may be the busiest time of your life – there’s so much to do when you move to a new country. Finding a place to live. Opening a Canadian bank account. Getting a Social Insurance Number and a provincial health insurance card. Registering your kids at school. Getting a new driver’s licence, a car, auto insurance. And everything else. It’s like starting all over again!

Life is busy, but there’s one more very important thing to do: protect your family’s future by getting life insurance.

Financial security for your loved ones

Life insurance helps protect those who depend on you financially, such as your spouse, children or other family members. Should you pass away unexpectedly, your family will receive the money they need to carry on. They can stay in the family home, enjoy the same standard of living, and your children will have savings for college or university.

But what if you have a long and healthy life? Life insurance can still be an important part of your financial plan. The tax-free insurance amount can be the inheritance you leave to your loved ones. Or it can cover the taxes that typically arise at death, so your heirs receive what you hoped to give them.

If you own a business, there are even more uses for life insurance. Just ask us how it can help you, your business, and even your staff as well as your family.

Where to buy life insurance

In Canada, individual life insurance is available only from professionals who are licensed to sell it. This professional may be called a life insurance agent, broker or advisor depending on the type of firm they work for. You might meet with a life insurance advisor in person at their place of business, talk over the phone or communicate online to purchase the coverage you need.

In addition to individual life insurance, some companies provide group life insurance to their employees as part of a group benefits package. Similar coverage may be available through professional associations and unions. If you have group coverage, you may still want to purchase additional individual coverage on your own to protect your family more fully on your own terms.

The benefits of advice

There are several kinds of life insurance and a wide range of coverage options. You may find it helpful to work with one advisor you trust to who takes the time to understand your personal situation, explain your choices and provide recommendations.

Insurance advisors are trained and licensed through the provincial government and required to stay current with life insurance regulations and practices. There’s no obligation to buy, and no cost to you for a professional consultation – advisors receive commissions from the insurance company.

How we can help you

We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your family’s protection needs. We can conduct a “financial needs analysis” to determine the amount of coverage that would be appropriate for you, and then discuss the best type of insurance for your situation.

The end result is a customized plan that meets your family’s current needs. Over the years, as your needs change, we can review and adjust your coverage to help ensure that your family members have the protection you want for them.

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