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New to Canada? Protect the future of your loved ones

​This may be the busiest time of your life – there’s so much to do when you move to a new country. Finding a place to live. Opening a Canadian bank account. Getting a Social Insurance Number and a provincial health insurance card. Registering your kids at school. Getting a new driver’s licence, a car, auto insurance. And everything else. It’s like starting all over again!

Life is busy, but there’s one more very important thing to do: protect your family’s future by getting life insurance.

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The 80’s were fun… but you’re all grown up now

​As a member of Generation X, you were born between 1965 and 1980. It was a great time to be young. Perhaps you had a garage band or maybe you flash danced your way through every weekend at clubs. But that was then. You’ve since traded in your grunge gear for a designer suit…or at least clothes without holes and pins. Now you have a respectable job and a family and with both of these comes responsibility.

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Protect your family’s financial security

​Year in, year out, your family depends on you to make ends meet. How would they cope financially if you passed away unexpectedly? Where would the money come from? Unless you have a large amount of savings that your spouse could access immediately, your family could face serious hardship.

One of the most effective and economical ways to protect your family is with life insurance. Life insurance provides an immediate, tax-free payment to your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries. Payment is made directly, without having to go through a will or be probated.

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How to insure your children’s education

If you are a parent, you may already be saving for your children’s education, possibly through a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). But what if the worst happens and you aren’t there to make the contributions? Life insurance protection helps to ensure that your children’s education costs can be covered, even if something should happen to you or your spouse.

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Being a parent is life-changing in the best way

A new life is in your hands. And with that life comes immense love and caring and endless adventure. It’s truly a wonderful experience.

Becoming a parent also brings great responsibility. That’s why so many people purchase life insurance when they have a baby. After all, it’s said the number one reason to choose life insurance is when someone depends on you for financial support. And what can be more important when that “someone” is your own child?
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